Bike safety Review

A safe bike for summer

Length of service: 1 hour
Price: €60 + the cost of any necessary parts.


  • Steering control + adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Stem tightening
  • Handlebar tightening


  • Checking and adjusting the braking system
  • Brake pad / pad wear check and adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment and tightening of brake levers
  • Adjustment and tensioning of front and rear brake cables


  • Checking and adjusting the transmission
  • Transmission wear check (chain, chainring and sprockets)
  • Chain lubrication
    Adjustment + lubrication of front and rear derailleurs + shifters
  • Tighten cranks + pedals
  • Tighten bottom bracket

Wheels & tires

  • Checking and adjusting wheels
  • Check front and rear wheels
  • Tyre pressure
  • Front and rear wheel hub axle adjustments