Winter bike check-up

A bike serviced before winter will last longer, especially in salty climates like Oléron island.

Length of service: 2 hours
Price: €80 + the cost of any necessary parts.


  • Steering adjustment
  • Changing steering bearings (if necessary)
  • Greasing the steering head


  • Brake system adjustment
  • Change brake cables and sheaths
  • Check brake pads or pads
  • Check and adjust transmission


  • Change derailleur cables and casings
  • Check bottom bracket
  • Check chain wear
  • Degrease transmission
  • Lubricate the chain
  • Lubrication of all parts likely to rust

Wheels & tires

  • Check and adjust wheels
  • Change tyres and/or inner tubes (if necessary)
  • Unfold front and rear wheels
  • Grease front and rear hubs
  • Complete cleaning of the bike